Eating Bibimbap in K-Town

To Try:
Tofu Village – House of Soon Tofu

Maybe Try?
Bryan’s BBQ
Korean Village
Lim Ga Ne
Um Ji
Mi Hwa
Hi! There
Owl of Minerva
Korea House
Seoul Restaurant

Already Been:
Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu- I hated it, others love it.
Yummy’s- Good food, good value 
Arisu- Don’t go.
Imonay House- Love it. 
Mom’s- Too bright, stingy meat in bibimbap.
Joon’s – Liked the dak galbi. 
Sunrise House- Pretty good.

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Madison Avenue Pub aka “The Maddy”

Madison Avenue Pub

I’m skipping my normal rating system on this one and just going for a list of pros and cons. 


  • 6 pubs, so there’s lots of space and lots of choice (including a pretty spacious outdoor patio with decent shade)
  • Cold beer
  • Half priced appetizers daily 3-7pm, plus other specials
  • It’s open (every day- I mean every day)


  • The food meets the bare minimum standards for acceptable bar quality, some of the time. The freezer-to-fryer stuff is somewhat edible (e.g. McCains french fries and sweet potato fries, deep fried spring rolls, onion rings) but anything beyond that starts to get sketchy. Sometimes REALLY sketchy (e.g. really mouldy cheese). My entire table of people got a stomach ache last time I went. 
  • The servers can be intermittent, absent, or just kind of disinterested.
  • I’ve never actually gone here at night, just for after-work drinks. Although I know it gets really busy, I can’t imagine it having much to offer me as a non-undergrad student who has no particularly interest in meeting people and who wants to keep her stomach contents in her stomach. 

Is it recommended? You decide!

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